Virtual Reality Tips


November 2019

Virtual reality has become a gateway for people to experience what seems like would be impossible! VR has been used for training in flight simulators and immersive gaming experiences for years, but is still not widely known outside of those worlds. It has recently become a popular phenomenon with companies creating incredible immersive virtual reality experiences - companies such as The Void, Dreamscape, and of course us here at Red Door where we’ve partnered with one of the leading content creators of VR, Ubisoft

Before we get into some tips, how does virtual reality fit into Red Door’s repertoire? Well, our mission here is to deepen relationships between people through creative entertainment, and these VR episodes do just that! You can read more about how VR fits with us here

Alright, alright, let’s get into the good stuff -- virtual reality tips! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already scheduled your virtual episode or plan to. This article outlines 3 tips to be successful in a virtual reality experience at Red Door! 

  1. Communicate. This seems obvious, but you can never communicate too much! Be as descriptive as you can when you’re describing the patterns on an ancient artifact, or the colors of an object you found.
  2. Explore. Half the fun of being in virtual reality is exploring different worlds you never thought you could - and doing it with people you enjoy being with! So look around, take it all in, and try the impossible! Who knows, the impossible is probably what you need to do to move on!
  3. Celebrate. Nothing feels better than celebrating the wins, no matter how big or small! Trekking through a lost pyramid or walking on the moon is no easy feat. Heck, we’ll even celebrate with you! 

Now you’re ready to take on a virtual experience here at Red Door! Send this over to your teammates to read up on before heading into your episode. Once you’ve successfully completed the episode, remember to share your winning photos with the hashtag #reddoorescape!

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