What is Virtual Reality at Red Door?


November 2019

Red Door is at the cutting edge of all escape room entertainment. We keep things fresh. So what’s new?

Two words: virtual reality.

The word “virtual” often carries some negative connotations in the space of building interpersonal skills. We often view technology as a barrier to true relationships. People go out with friends but stare at their phones the entire time instead of having a real conversation. Social gatherings transform into a mere stage to set up the perfect social media post. Rest assured, Red Door would never allow anything to deter us from our mission to deepen relationships through creative entertainment; and that’s exactly what a virtual reality experience will do.

VR demonstrates that you can connect technology with the purpose of deepening relationships. In some ways, VR experiences accomplish our mission similar to the way our existing escape rooms do. But it also takes a very unique approach. 

With the help of a headset and the press of a button you can completely immerse yourself in fantastical worlds that were at one point in time unimaginable. Offerings such as Escape the Lost Pyramid combine massively immersive world-building with the weighted value Red Door places on collaborative team-building. We aim to keep all of our virtual offerings adjacent to our escape room experiences in the sense that they are collaborative experiences where you work together to find clues, solve puzzles and achieve a collective goal.

From exploring long forgotten tombs to battling fierce monsters, you and a group of friends will finally have the ability to embark upon the epic quest together that you’ve always dreamed of!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your virtual reality experience today! Or if you're already booked, check out some VR tips here.

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