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What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality at Red Door is an interactive entertainment option where a group must complete a series of challenges to complete a mission. We’ve partnered with the leading content creators in virtual reality, Ubisoft. The episodes encourage communication and collaboration and can not be completed without your team.


Who can play a virtual reality episode?

Anyone who enjoys spending time with their friends and family can play a virtual reality episode. Our episodes are family friends and are suggested for 9 years and older.


What equipment will I be using?

You will be equipped with one of the best virtual reality headsets and controllers, the HTC Vive. The sensors in your VR pod capture your body and hand movements and translate them into the virtual world that you’re playing in.


How many people can play a virtual reality episode?

A virtual reality episode can be played in groups of 2 or 4 people.


How much does a virtual reality episode cost?

A virtual reality experience costs $25 per person.


Will I get motion sickness?

Our equipment is designed to minimize latency, which is what causes motion sickness for players. If you experience motion sickness, please let your game master know!

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