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Team Member of the Month


Nicole Hosh is Red Door's Team Member of the Month!  If you love the tech that is found in our games, you'll be excited to know that Nicole had an integral part in creating those magical moments as part of the design team.  But don't let her focused intensity for electronics and coding fool you--not only does she bring the brains, but she is all about the heart!  Everyone around her can tell you endlessly about how kind, appreciative, and enthusiastic she is on a daily basis.  You can't help but feel great around her because, simply put, she is a joy.

Nicole, thank you for being who you are and being a part of our team at Red Door. Read more about Nicole below:

Nicole has been with Red Door for about 9 months now. She is grateful for her fellow design team members who have been so welcoming since day 1. Her favorite Red Door episode is Warrior's Way, because she enjoys building all the fancy electronics. Her first Escape Room experience ever was in Cairo, Egypt. The episode was a Saw themed bathroom (which she thought was a bit of a cliche but because she was with some of her best friends in the world, it was her most memorable. She's played quite a few escape rooms and when asked how many she's played, she responded "I honestly stopped counting at 10. Being an Escape Room enthusiast is another reason why I enjoy my job so much." Fun fact: She has an elastic nose. She can transform her face to Voldemort so easily :D

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